How to Keep Ceiling Fans Clean in Your Sun Prarie Home

West Des Moines

Let's be honest - nobody really likes the chore of cleaning. Although it can be a slight burden, cleaning is essential for ensuring air quality is good, banishing bacteria and getting rid of allergen triggers. When renting one of our West Des Moines apartments, you can enjoy the benefits of having a ceiling fan. This amenity comes as standard and aside … [Read more...]

5 Summer Travel Tips You Need to Know

West Des Moines apartments

Is your summer vacation fast approaching? If so, you should do yourself (and your family) a favor by preparing for the break away. Before you pack up and leave our West Des Moines apartments for a beach break, skiing holiday or weekend of camping, make sure everything runs smoothly. Everything is sure to go according to the plan if you put the following … [Read more...]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Parks in West Des Moines

West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department

Are you looking for things to do outdoors? If so, check out the West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department's¬†Facebook page. Community enjoyment is provided to city dwellers and visitors by this organization, which presents people with programs, events and a wide range of public parks. The area is home to more than 1,200 acres of park land, with each … [Read more...]

Curb Your Seafood Cravings at Waterfront Seafood Market


Are you aware of the benefits of having seafood in your diet? High in omega-3, ocean-fresh cuisine¬† is crammed with oils, vitamins and minerals that will do your body the world of good. In fact, heart health could be improved greatly if you eat it on a regular basis and with so many restaurants in West Des Moines dishing up seafood, it'd be a shame not to … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Add Color Without Painting the Walls


How do you plan on turning your house into a home? You could introduce furniture, decorate with artwork or, you could do both after introducing a blast of color! Color will set the mood for a room, because a different ambiance is created by each shade. For example, gold evokes a feeling of prestige and yellow represents happiness. Check out these five … [Read more...]