Watch America’s Pastime Played With Pastime Rules in Des Moines


Take a step back in time this summer at Living History Farms. The outdoor history museum will host a baseball game played by the rules of 1870 over Labor Day Weekend. As the United States emerged from the shadow of the Civil War, Americans needed a diversion. Baseball as a professional spot first spawned in 1869, and the first attempt a national major … [Read more...]

Make Your West Des Moines Apartment Feel Like Home With These Design Tips


Keen to give your new home a splash of color and dose of personality? If so, slip on your overalls, get out the paintbrush and transform the space from dull to chic! Here at Sun Prairie you can choose from numerous apartment options, such as one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom properties. No matter which floor plan you select, you can make it feel … [Read more...]

Bring the Whole Family Out to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines


Want a day out with friends or family this season? If so, make your way to the Iowa State Fairgrounds on E. 30th Street and E. Unversity Avenue, just an 18-minute drive from our West Des Moines apartments. From August 7-17 the fair will open to the public for an amazingly amusing experience. Outstanding talent and jaw-dropping entertainment can be … [Read more...]

Head Downtown for the Devour Des Moines Event This Summer


What do you get when you combine a triathlon with eating? You get the Devour Des Moines event, of course! Yes, it’s a triathlon with food thrown into the mix. Teams compete in traditional triathlon events like running, biking and swimming, but they also must eat certain foods in tandem with each event before proceeding to the next one. This wacky and fun … [Read more...]

Broadway Comes to Town as “Shrek” Plays at the Des Moines Community Playhouse


If you are a resident at our apartments in West Des Moines, you don't want to miss the many plays and productions that take place close by throughout the year. A preferred venue for events is the Des Moines Community Playhouse, which sits an 11-minute drive away on 831 42nd Street. Each season presents something different to both residents and … [Read more...]