Where to Go for the Best Ice Cream in Des Moines

eating ice cream

Getting out for some ice cream is a great way to beat the heat, tickle your taste buds, and relieve a little pent up stress at the same time. Finding the best ice cream near Des Moines IA might be near impossible because the variety of awesome options available could all win a prize. Here are some of our favorites. Bauder Pharmacy You'll find a … [Read more...]

Refreshing a West Des Moines Apartment without Breaking the Bank

interior decorating

Making statement with the decor in your West Des Moines apartment is one thing. Doing it with a limited budget in mind is another. It takes a bit of imagination and a few hints or tips to accomplish the task. While refreshing your home, keep the following budget-friendly decorating tips in mind. Make your own 'wall decals' with photos of family, … [Read more...]

Not So Fancy Equipment that Every Apartment Needs

fire extinguisher

When it comes to apartment living, there are some items that are essential to own. After all, you never know when you're going to need them. Make note of the following items that you need if you don't already have them in your West Des Moines apartment. Smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher are important for safety purposes. You should have a … [Read more...]

How to Warm Up White Rooms without Paint

warm room

Using paint is not typically an option as an apartment resident, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up the opportunity to personalize your space with color and design as you see fit. Here are a few apartment decorating tips that will help you warm up your white walls without having to resort to paint. Trim the walls with black and photos … [Read more...]

Have a Chill Labor Day With Sweet Ice Cream Desserts

Woman with ice cream

Perhaps you're going to a barbecue, having friends over, or simply staying home with your family and relaxing on Labor Day. Regardless, ice cream desserts are not only delicious; they're fun to make. Ice Cream Cookie Dessert is quick and easy to prepare. The crust is made with oreo cookies and butter and topped with vanilla ice cream. Top with … [Read more...]